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Comptetion in the airlaine industry has pused down some airlaine fares to incredibly resonable prices.
But what if the fares for where you want to go are painfully high?
Well, if you can be flexible about when you travel, your chances of finding bargains are very good.

Pick off-peak seasons to go to your destination. Not only airfare be cheaper but also hotels and car rental and you'll benefit from lighter crowds.

Explore alternate days of the week and times of day to travel. Moving a flight from morning to afternonn or from Monday to tuesday can save you money.
When booking online or through an agent don't use specific dates but rather give a timeframe for travel.
Then you can see the variety of fares available.

Use alternative airports. Most major metropolitan areas have more than one airport serving them.
Travelling to or from the lesser used airports can make a big difference on the price.
If you are concerned about winding up too far from your intended destination, check with your travel agent.
Many airports are connected by airport bus, getting you swiftly and easily from one regional airport to another.

Obtain an International Drivers License if traveling outside your own country.
The cost is not prohibitive and in most regions they are easily obtained by showing your local driver's license.

Get your Maps before you leave home. Travel is less stressful if you know how to get around.

Remember Adaptors and Converters if you are traveling to a foreign country.

Use calling Card when staying at a hotel, the phone bill can be a major expense.
Protect yourself against theft before leaving home. make copy of your travel documents. Leave copies at home with a contact.


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