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Not everything you heard about single tours is thruth.
You literally have every nationality possible with you on tour and you learn so much about other cultures and you make friends from all over the world.
There are certain companies out there who specialize solely on getting people on trips with other single people.

Most of the time these people aren't looking for love, they just want to travel the world with a group of poeple of the same age.
On singles tours you travel around the country in a big bright bus with about 40 other people, depending on where you want to go.

You see the sights of where ever you are, you get most breakfasts and dinners throw in to the price of the tour and you get your accommodation and travel taken care of for you.
The only bad thing about these sorts of tours is flexibility, you don't get much of it.
So if you are in France and there's something you want to see but the tour bus does not go that way, you will more the likely not get to see it.
Since the bus has to keep up with a schedule, you only spend a short amounts of time in each place.

So you won't get the in-depth knowledge of a country with this sort of tour, but it's great for a first timer who wants to get their bearings then come back by themselves at a later date.
Some days are called free days, where you can go and see the city you are in at your own leisure and there is very little bus travel at those times.
At night, depending on the tour you are either booked into your hotel or camp site and go out for dinner with the group.

There may or not be an optional excursion which costs extra money. Why would you want to travel with a group of strangers?
Well, the people make it different! The people make the tour and you could make great friends from all over the world.


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